Submission Guidelines


Please read the guidelines thoroughly as this will ensure the production process is a smooth one.

All corrections and improvements to style must be made prior to submission.

Please use the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (i.e. in-text, author-date) as the default guide for referencing, bibliography, spelling, footnotes and abbreviations. The Purdue guide is a useful one for most contingencies.

Use American spelling, per Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (use the first spelling listed where choices are offered).

Contributors are responsible for clearing permissions from copyright owners for any lengthy quotes. Figures and illustrations will not be used in this volume. Please ask the editors if you have any enquiries about permissions.

For indexing, please submit a list of key words (20-30), series titles, Doctors (e.g. Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison) and major authors.



Chapters must be submitted as a Word attachment to the editors (please send to all three) no later than 1 May 2016.



Use Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt Times New Roman for all text, including long quotes, notes, and bibliography.

Length is between 5,000 and 8,000 words all notes included.

Do not format via hyphenation or justification programs, but insert  hyphens only wherever words must be hyphenated.

Your chapter should be paginated prior to submission using Arabic numerals beginning with the first page of main text running consecutively throughout.

Place periods and commas outside quotation marks.

Paragraphs should be followed by two hard returns, but do not indent new paragraphs.

Use double quotation  marks when quoting and when highlighting.

Use American spellings and conventions: change “while” to “whereas” (for non-temporal uses); “since” to “because”; “though” to “although”. Avoid “whilst” and “amongst”.

Should you use special fonts (e.g. Hebrew), you should list the font and filename used.



Use italics for book and journal titles.

Publication details should be listed as follows where applicable: author/editor name(s) and initials; date of publication; book / article title; journal title and volume number; place of publication; publisher; page numbers for chapter or journal articles.

Include access dates for online references as: Available at [url] (Accessed [date]).

For in-text reference use “author-date” e.g. (Appleby, 2014). Include the full as a list at the end of your chapter.

All notes should be embedded with endnotes in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3 etc)

Use footnotes only for necessary tangential points and avoid where possible.

Please check that the reference list and bibliography include all works cited.

Please check that dates correspond between reference list/bibliography and the in-text reference.



For consistency and with respect to new audiences of Doctor Who, please observe the following:

Please always refer to the Doctor and not abbreviations (Dr. or Dr).

Use TARDIS in preference to Tardis or T.A.R.D.I.S.

Where your chapter refers only to a single Doctor, indicate which iteration and actor in the first instance e.g. The First Doctor (William Hartnell) and subsequently as the Doctor.

When your chapter discusses more than one Doctor, indicate which e.g. The Second Doctor. When discussing a particular Doctor, introduce the relevant actor in the first instance e.g. The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker).

You should also discuss characters and companions by acknowledging the actor in the first instance.

When your chapter refers to iterations of Doctors or characters outside of accepted canon, please introduce them as above but also indicate that they are non-canonical.

Serials and standalone episodes should be contained within quotation marks with the date (on first reference in the text): “The Romans” (1964) or “The Girl Who Died” (2015). Shows from the program’s initial run should be referred to as serials, with individual episodes numbered 1 through 12 (or individual episode titles in the case of early Hartnell stories).

Please do not use phrases such as ‘Classic Doctor Who’ or ‘Nu Who’ but offer clearer production or reception contexts e.g. the program’s initial run (1963-1989) or since the program’s return (2005).

Nevertheless, there is an unavoidable issue when referring to seasons, since both the original and returned series begin at Season One. For clarity, it is preferred therefore that dates are included. For example, for Jon Pertwee, discuss Season 7 (1970) while for Matt Smith discuss Season 7 (2012).

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