Whether we were part of it at the time or not, there can be no time travelling back to the innocence of 5.15 p.m. on Saturday the 23rd November 1963, when Delia Derbyshire’s unstable tune cued our wide-eyed wanderlust. It is too much the stuff of the collective cultural memory. Oh to be as surprised […]

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Who Matters: ? on my collar

Viewers tuning into the Season 18 opener, The Leisure Hive (1980), which continued Tom Baker’s tenure (1974 – 1981) as the Doctor, were in for a surprise. Although there had been no character regeneration, there was a new producer ‘at the helm’, John Nathan-Turner. This was marked by several changes, including to the title sequence, […]

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On Wednesday July 6th 1988, the Daily Mirror painted a sorry picture of a bumbling BBC exterminating “more than 100” classic Doctor Who episodes. The tapes took up too much space and, in the days before domestic video, the BBC failed to predict the future value of the serial. Just ahead of the 25th anniversary, BBC “bosses fear[ed] some have been stolen […]


doctor vs meddler

We have now contacted everyone who submitted chapter proposals for the upcoming book. We want to thank you all for an amazing and overwhelming response. You submitted short of 50 abstracts. We only needed 15. So we were left having to disappoint far more potential contributors than we could welcome into the single volume. In bringing together […]

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give me time and a crayon

“Big flashy things have my name written all over them. Well… not yet, give me time and a crayon.” The truth is we have had a staggering number of chapter proposals to consider … just shy of fifty. We had space for only 15 chapters. Those stats give just a hint of the difficult job faced […]

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Where’s the Monk?

The Monk is still on retreat, sifting through all the wonderful chapter proposals and contemplating the future of history. Thank you again to the many who submitted. This is such a tough job, choosing the right chapters, like electing a new pope. Look out for the white smoke over the next week or two.

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