Wholiday Advent(ures) 7

  Adventures in Whostory Introducing Doctor Who and History Continuing from the previous post … Part two, “Historical Drama: Genre and Conventions,” examines how television drama negotiates issues of historical fidelity through literary and artistic conventions. In particular, the essays here reflect on the shift to genre as pure historicals that inevitably give way to […]

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Wholiday Advent(ures) 5

  Adventures in Whostory Introducing Doctor Who and History Continuing from the previous post … In 2015, a decade into the reboot of the program, figures from both history and folklore populate “celebrity historicals.” Russell T. Davies envisioned that the inclusion of real people from the past would lend not only continuity but legitimacy to […]

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Doctor Who and History Spoilers V

Learning History through The Fires of Pompeii. The contributors to Doctor Who and History researched a specific aspect of history as it is explored in the show. This series of taster-blogs previews their work – and thought processes – by offering a sneak peek at the finished book. Aven McMaster and Mark Sundaram look at the changing place of classics in […]

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The Thirteen Doctors – Part IV

Change .. and Not a Moment too Soon. What did the thirteen academics behind Doctor Who and History make of the decision to cast Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor? Peter Lowe on the fluctuations of regeneration. “As the success of Doctor Who has always rested on the main character’s ability to change into someone completely different […]

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Doctor Who in China. Part IV

What is the experience of Doctor Who fans in China? As an English teacher working in Beijing, Doctor Who in History contributor Mark Wilson got the opportunity to find out. Over the next four blog posts he muses on the stirrings of fandom, emotional connections and why 13 is the right number for change in […]

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