Materialising in One (day)

Both its re-emergence in 2005, and its 50th anniversary, serve to sanction television history as the view of the past at the same time as radically remediating it. The construction of “milestone moments” of history, such as the origins of William Hartnell’s Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor” (2013), validate memory as remediation and history as seriality. This is in stark contrast, of course, to the organizing principal of history in the 1960s stories, famously espoused by Hartnell’s Doctor in “The Aztecs” (1964): “you can’t rewrite history, not one line.” History as seriality is circular and multi-universe, each iteration generative of difference…

Doctor Who and History Materialising in One (day)


Book Format Paperback
Number of Pages 193
Author Fleiner, Carey, October, Dene
Publisher McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication Date August, 2017
ISBN-13 9781476666563
ISBN-10 1476666563

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