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The Moment: You’ve seen the men you will become.
The War DoctorThose men. Extraordinary.
The Moment: They were you.
The War Doctor: No. They are the Doctor.
The MomentYou’re the Doctor, too.
The War Doctor: No. Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost.

dwhPart 1. Television as History: Inform and Entertain
Journeys through Cathay: Remediation and Televisuality in “Marco Polo” (Dene October)
“O tempora, o mores”: Class(ics) and Education in Doctor Who
(Aven McMaster and Mark Sundaram)
Remixing the Imperial Past: Doctor Who, British Slavery
and the White Savior’s Burden (Susana Loza)
Part 2. Historical Drama: Genre and Conventions
Doctor, Go Roman: “The Romans,” Emperor Nero and Historical Comedy in Doctor Who (Carey Fleiner)
History as Genre, Aesthetic and Context in “The Gunfighters” (Ramie Tateishi)
A Rude Awakening: Metafiction in Eric Pringle’s “The Awakening” (Andrew ­O’Day)
Part 3. Historical Constructions/Reconstructions
Playing with History: Terrance Dicks, Fans and Season 6B (Rhonda Knight) 102
Doctor Who Unbound and Alternate History (Karen Hellekson) 118
The Vikings at the End of the Universe: Doctor Who, Norsemen and the End of History (Marcus K. Harmes) 132
Part 4. History and Identity
Ape-Man or Regular Guy? Depictions of Neanderthals and Neanderthal Culture in Doctor Who (Kristine Larsen) 148
The Dark Heart of the Village: Doctor Who in the 1970s and the Problematic Idyll (Peter Lowe) 168
Doctor Who and Environmentalism in the 1960s and Early 1970s (Mark Wilson) 186

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