Who Matters: ? on my collar

Viewers tuning into the Season 18 opener, The Leisure Hive (1980), which continued Tom Baker’s tenure (1974 – 1981) as the Doctor, were in for a surprise. Although there had been no character regeneration, there was a new producer ‘at the helm’, John Nathan-Turner. This was marked by several changes, including to the title sequence, the familiar time-tunnel look giving way to the ‘starfield’. The music now had an electronic beat. Baker’s portrayal of the Doctor was now slightly dark and moody. He sported an entirely new costume; even his trademark colour scarf has been replaced by a burgundy and purple one. The rest of his costume was colour-coordinated; whereas his previous look changed subtly over stories, the new look became a uniform, worn constantly. Baker even wore the now-familiar question mark motif, this being its first appearance. These changes became signifiers of a new direction taken by the producers, an unwelcome one as judged by the response of many fans.





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