Six Pack Pulls No Punches

Twitter finds itself in a bit of a temper over the Favourites List in the current Doctor Who Magazine.

The September issue, number 489, features an interview with Sixth Doctor Colin Baker. The article depicts Baker’s valiant attempts to dodge interviewer Nicholas Briggs endeavours to elicit some favourite Doctor Who moments. It also reminds readers how a poll in 2009 led to the actor “declining to speak to the magazine since then”.

The poll, The Mighty 200, had put the Baker story The Twin Dilemma in last place. “It was the least favourite,” Baker complained in the article. “And that doesn’t mean ‘least favourite’; it means ‘most worst’.”

Ironically, the same issue reveals the results of The DWM 2014 Season Survey – whoops –  which the actor reported he was depressed to read since such lists imply “Least favourite director? Least best male star?”

Taking to Twitter, Baker explained, “this isn’t about me, it’s about the people finding themselves in print as being the least popular”.

“There are now a dozen more crestfallen professionals” he added.

In response, DWM apparently asked for a provide word.

“I am being asked to discuss privately with @DWMtweets” Baker confirmed. “Why? They publish. They asked for an interview with me.  All public. Like my reaction.”

Being academics, we at Doctor Who & History wouldn’t dream of cheapening either our own analytical prowess, or the professionalism of the multitude of staff working for Doctor Who – past and present – with simplistic and reductive list-making. Just saying.

By the way, you still have time to complete our Most Best Historical Ever and Least-Loved-Don’t-Even-Remind-Me-This-Historical-Didn’t-Get-Wiped-by-those-crazy-BBC-archivists by answering our poll here.

DWM 489 features Sixth Doctor Colin Baker on the cover with the headline ‘Hit For Six’



One thought on “Six Pack Pulls No Punches

  1. As much as I like Colin Baker, I like Colin Baker + Paul Darrow — how can anyone *not* like Timelash? Plus, history buffs and potential Doctor Who & History Authors, it features H G Wells!


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