Not a Wandering Star?

Co-Editor, Dene October throws a birthday bash for a Thin White Doctor mash. January the 8th is a special day for me marking both of my fandoms. Being the birthday of both William Hartnell and David Bowie, I am never really sure whether to celebrate with an all-night-marathon of The Daleks’ Master Plan (1965) or […]

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Forget me knot

Things we have forgotten about. We’ve forgotten about Clara. We’re standing in front of her right now, in this way-outta-the-way American diner, with the strangely familiar background hum, and we don’t recognise her from Donna – who we would recognise but who wouldn’t recognise us – even though this is her song …. and you […]

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Who Matters: Nevermore?

Carey Fleiner [co-editor ‘Doctor Who & History’] on Matthew Waterhouse, Author – or Life after Wiping out the Dinosaurs After the many slo-mo alternate angles of death of the Doctor’s  companion in ‘Face the Raven’, I remarked to ‘im indoors, ‘You know, at least Adric went out with a bit of a quip and a sad […]

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Whether we were part of it at the time or not, there can be no time travelling back to the innocence of 5.15 p.m. on Saturday the 23rd November 1963, when Delia Derbyshire’s unstable tune cued our wide-eyed wanderlust. It is too much the stuff of the collective cultural memory. Oh to be as surprised […]

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